Eticia (Ms. Tish)

Eticia (Ms. Tish), Teacher of Kidz World Childcare, Inc. is lead teacher in the 3-year old Blue room. Ms. Tish has 15 years of experience in a licensed childcare. She is an alumnus of Owensboro High School. She is CPR/First Aid Certified. Her proudest accomplishment in life thus far is being a good Mom, dedicated teacher, and good friend. Her favorite color is pink. Chinese and Italian are her favorite foods. She proudly supports the Dallas Cowboys. Princess Tiana is her favorite Disney character while Batman her favorite superhero. Her favorite hobbies are shopping and refinishing old furniture. “and this too shall pass,” is her all-time favorite quote. When asked why she loves her job, she replied, “It’s truly been a God-given gift. Planning, art, and children’s positive development are what I truly enjoy in life.”