Enhancing Family Time Through STEM

Enhancing Family Time Through STEM

STEM is important to early childhood education simply because children are explorers by nature and that exploration starts at birth. An infant, born a blank slate, begins learning the moment they are born. It’s that natural progression and enthusiasm in learning that needs supporting by the early educators. Childcare centers, such as Kidz World, who are focused on education, use STEM to aid in the child’s development and encourage that exploration. “All young people should be prepared to think


Parenting – A Success Story

Many people will tell you that parenting doesn’t come with a manual, however, Google “parenting” and you will find more information than you will ever be able to read in your lifetime. There is plenty of information. What most of those wonderful sources of information don’t tell you is that not every piece of instruction, advice, tip… will work for you. As a parent, your job is to determine what does work for you and your child. It’s all trial and error…

"My Oma here!"

A Grandparent’s Love

“A child needs a grandparent, anybody’s grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world.” Charles and Ann Morse

Some of the most precious memories ever made were made between children and grandparents. Those are the memories that stay with you for a lifetime. The ones that make you smile long after the grandparents have gained their angel wings. Today, Kidz World celebrated grandparents and made precious memories for so many children. The rooms were filled with Nana’s, Grandma’s, Oma’s, Papa’s, Papaw’s, Pappy’s, Memaw’s, Mawmaw’s, and so many others just stepping into the role of a grandparent because they have that love to give.

I played both sides of the coin today, as a grandparent and an employee. I talked to parents, grandparents, uncles, and such. I took pictures to capture the memories. As I went from room to room, every room just amazed me. It was as if entering grandparent’s heaven. All these grandparents had gathered in one place to spend quality time with their sweet grandchildren. You could feel the pride flowing through the room. Grandparents proud of grandkids; grandkids proud of grandparents. The smiles lit the classrooms with a glow. My own granddaughter just laughed at the sight of my hand covered in blue paint as we made her art project. It was a beautiful memory, as were so many memories created today.

GrandArt Day - A Celebration of Grandparent's

All of the visitors were just wonderful, so kind, caring, and patient, but a couple grandparents really caught my attention. One grandmother’s story just filled my heart. I want to tell you about Eleanor’s grandmother. Eleanor is two-years old. Julie, loving called “Oma”, took off work and drove three hours, across time zones, to attend GrandArt Day with Eleanor. When I asked Oma what she thought of GrandArt Day she smiled and said, “Loved it big time! Enjoyed making something with her. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” That, my dear friends, is true heartfelt love. Eleanor, who is very shy and doesn’t talk too much, declared to me, “My Oma here!” Oh, she was so happy to be with Oma!

GrandArt Day - Grandparent's

Jaxon, who is four, had his Mimi and Pappy (Melissa and Jason) come to GrandArt Day. This wonderful loving set of grandparents adopted other children around the table whose family couldn’t make it in. This too, is pure love so many grandparents share. The quote at the beginning of the article is something I firmly believe… every child needs the love of a grandparent! Whether biological or not, a grandparent’s role is to love unconditionally, support the child emotionally, educate them with what life will throw at them and never judge. Which of God’s miracles does not deserve this? I dare say there are no children who do not deserve someone to love them in addition to their parent and in many cases in place of their parent. Someone once told me, “grandparents don’t have rights”. Let me tell you… grandparents have all the rights God granted them… to love, protect, and cherish those children with everything that’s in them through His grace. And, that’s exactly what I saw today at Kidz World! God’s grace!Grandparent's

I saw God’s grace in Uncle Ricky’s face as he held his little Jessica and told me about GrandArt Day, “It was a great day to come hang out with the kids!”

I saw it in the Orange Room with Carlee and her Memaw and Mawmaw (Gigi and Valerie) as they told me, “It’s wonderful! Love the originality!” and Grayson with his Papa and Pawpaw (Eric and Phillip) who thought GrandArt Grandparent'sDay was, “pretty cool” and loved it!

The feeling continued into the Purple Room with Grayson and his Mom who thought the day was wonderful, she just Grandparent'swished his grandparents lived closer. And, Tim Hambidge lovingly holding his grandson, Payton, and declaring today, “Great!”.

In the Green Room, Pappy (Mike) came to spend time with his granddaughter, Wesley. When asked what he thought of GrandArt Day, “Oh! I’m loving it!” Ervin was visited by his Mom, Lori, and Gramma, Marlene. They had so much fun with Ervin and his art project. They also adopted other children around the room. Kudo’s to them for sharing the love.

Grandparent'sThe Blue Room had visitor’s too, spreading the love. Emma’s “Lola” (Alicia) said, “It’s awesome!” Zoe’s Grandma, June, stopped in and said, “I thought it was great!”. Toni, Draeyah’s Nanny, said she loved it. Janet, Ava’s Granny, said, “I enjoyed it very much! We don’t often get the chance to do this kind of stuff”. Ava was beyond thrilled Granny was at school with her. Kaylee’s Mimi and Papaw (Brandy and Scott) also adopted other children in the room. Scott smiled and said, “It was for the birds,” as he held up the turkey they had just made. Grandparents are also good for making us laugh! Ethel, Grayson’s Granny, told me, “I loved it! I’ve got 14 grandkids and I love this stuff!” Now that’s a grandparent with a heart just stuffed full of love!

Never are we reminded more of God’s grace than in the face of an infant. In the Yellow Room we were visited by Izzabelle’s Mickey (Michelle) who said today was, “It was my first experience. She’s my first grandchild”. What a Grandparent'sblessing! Davis’ Nana and Papaw came to help with his art project. Loralie’s Nana said, “Every day you can be with a child, love a child, and share with a child, is truly a blessing”.

I entered the Red Room as everyone was finishing up. The grandparents were having such a good time socializing with each other and the children. Grandchildren were running around the room pointing out who was there with them. Nash introduced me to his Nana (Sue) and posed for a picture as he was leaving for the day. Malachi’s Nana, Nannette, said of the day, “It’s so much fun, just wonderful crafts with such bright colors”. Angela, who is Kenna, Kynlee, and Kyrin’s grandmother came. She said GrandArt Day was, “Precious!” while Kenna declared, “She’s the best Mimi in the world”. Ava’s Nana and Papaw (Amber and Luke) said, “Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! Such Grandparent'sfun crafts!”

The Kidz World staff thought the day went well, it was fun, amazing, great, and we all enjoyed it very much. Ms. Anne, Curriculum Specialist, summed the day up best, “I thought GrandArt Day was a perfect blessing to our daycare. It made me so happy to see all the smiles on the grandparent’s and children’s faces”.

In a day, in a world, with so much grief and strife, don’t let a day go by without making at least one-person smile. The smile you give, will bring many more your way. We all need that!


Author: Belinda Davis ©2017

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