Meet Gertrude and her forever family, the Atherton’s. Gertrude, with love in her eyes, captured the heart of Ms. Brandi (Lead Teacher in the preschool room at Kidz World). Gertrude was a resident at Molly’s Mutts Animal Rescue. One of many fur babies who are well taken care of by the wonderful people at MMAR. Through the help of contributions, MMAR...

Kids in Cars

Did you know
the heat inside a closed vehicle can rise by 50 degrees above the outside
temperature within 30 minutes and 19 of those degrees happen within the first
10 minutes? Let’s put those figures into the weather here in...

Diffusing the Situation

“I was a
wonderful parent before I had children.” ― Adele Faber. Is that not the truth
of it? When we become parents, we look back on past experiences of other people
and their parenting skills. We have decided what we will...

Vocabulary Words in Early Childhood Education

“The human brain is the most fabulous organ system in the universe.” Dr. Ben Carson
There are approximately 800 million people in the world that cannot read. Is that not astonishing here in the year 2019? So, we start with the people that cannot read and go up the scale as there are varying degrees of ability to read. The...