Kids in Cars

Did you know
the heat inside a closed vehicle can rise by 50 degrees above the outside
temperature within 30 minutes and 19 of those degrees happen within the first
10 minutes? Let’s put those figures into the weather here in...

Diffusing the Situation

“I was a
wonderful parent before I had children.” ― Adele Faber. Is that not the truth
of it? When we become parents, we look back on past experiences of other people
and their parenting skills. We have decided what we will...

Social Studies with Preschoolers

Social Studies with Preschoolers

The smell of apple pie baking, walks in the woods, a song on the radio, a Christmas ornament, holiday traditions… these are all things that trigger family memories. But, did you ever consider that social studies with preschoolers is a great lesson? Passing on those memories helps your child learn...

Math for Infants to Age Five

Math for Infants to Age Five

“If you trust play, you will not have to control your child’s development as much. Play will raise the child in ways you can never imagine.” ~ Vince Gowmon

By the time we reach adulthood we have forgotten what it was like to learn with the excitement and enthusiasm of a child. We take for granted the...

Stone Soup – A Lesson through the Ages

Stone Soup - A Lesson through the Ages

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou

Today, I was reminded of a lesson from years ago. It was a story told in my oldest son’s kindergarten class. Even now, after having heard the story many times, it always takes my mind on a gentle journey...