EEEEEK!! My Preschooler Has Homework

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My Preschooler Has Homework

My preschooler brought home, homework! How can that be? He is still my little baby. He’s not old enough for homework. He’s not ready for this… I’M not ready for this! *Sigh* Does that sound familiar? We are several weeks into the school year and some preschoolers’ parents had those exact things to say. Preschooler homework shock syndrome… PHSS. Ridiculous right? Well… not really. Today, we will discuss why preschool homework is really a good thing.

“Do your homework. Find your voice. Be authentic. And then dive in with purpose.” Julie Foudy


When your three or four old walks in the door with a homework notebook, at first you may experience flashbacks of holding that sweet child in your arms moments after he was born. You can’t imagine how you got to the point of homework! You think to yourself… it’s just preschool, it’s not real school! But, what is preschool? Isn’t preschool a facility that prepares your child for entry into the “real” school system?

You, as an adult, know that with practice comes confidence. The more you do something, the more you believe you can. If your child brings home a homework notebook and you encourage the child to do it to the best of their ability, you are encouraging confidence in your child.


The more your child does these activities sent home, the better they will do them in class. Over the course of the school year, they will improve immensely. By the time they enter kindergarten, they probably will have mastered the skill.

Family Time with Preschool Homework

Everyone knows what a busy society we live in today. It is so hard to find that quality time our children so deserve. Homework time is a great time to get that quality family time in. Think back to your childhood… who helped you with your homework? Did you enjoy the time you spent with that person? You made memories… now, your child can make memories with you.

Prepping for Kindergarten Homework

When my grandson was in kindergarten, he would come home four nights a week with three hours of homework each night. I did enjoy our time together but let me tell you… it was hard making him sit and do that much work night after night. I was quick to jump on the “this child should not have homework bandwagon”. From kindergarten to fourth grade, the homework lessoned each year. I’ve got to say… I was grateful. The older he got, the harder it was to keep him sitting and concentrating on the assignment.

The homework brought home by your preschooler is far less than they will receive in kindergarten. The thought behind the preschool homework is simply that it helps to prepare them for kindergarten and get them into routines while helping them master the skills they will need.


The preschool homework notebooks sent home by Kidz World come with instructions to trace the letter of the week, find and cut out pictures of things that start with that letter and glue them in the notebook. The child is learning how to properly hold a pencil, how to write, to recognize letters, learning the letter sounds, learning to follow instruction, properly hold and use scissors, and how to apply glue. On top of all that, they are learning the importance of following instructions, doing your homework, getting in family time, building confidence, and creating routines. If you can do all of that with one little homework notebook, isn’t it worth the 20-30 minutes a week required to complete the assignment?

It Is What It Is

Don’t make the homework notebook more than it is. It’s not designed to pile more on your parental plate. It’s not to punish you or the child. It’s not because the school doesn’t teach those activities, or we didn’t have time. The preschool homework notebook is a tool to prepare your child for kindergarten. If a child enters kindergarten developmentally behind, they will most likely be behind for many years. “For low-income children, every month of additional schooling closes one-tenth of the gap between them and more advantaged students.” Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt, New York Times, Delay Kindergarten at Your Child’s Peril.

Summing It Up

If not preschool, your child will definitely have homework in kindergarten. This is happening. Your baby is growing up, whether we like it or not… those days of cuddling that sweetness in your arms are slowly disappearing. But, look at that cute face now… that little person is quickly growing into who they will become and you, as a parent, are their role model and they are looking at you, how will you handle the homework situation? Don’t be too quick to jump on that no homework bandwagon. When they become teenagers, it’s too late to teach them that we all have responsibilities in life and when we do a task, do it to your best ability. Those are the lessons children need to be taught early in life and those are the lessons that will impact their job performance in the workplace, their school grades, their college goals, and ultimately, their role as a parent. And again, I ask, is 20-30 minutes of time per week too much to ask of ourselves… parents of preschoolers?

Author: Belinda Davis ©2018