The Experience of Daycare from a Child’s Perspective

Daycare from a Child’s Perspective

Today, I introduce you to Mr. Zay. He is currently a 2nd grader, but he spent his early years in daycare from the age of a few months to five years old. So, what does it mean to a child to attend daycare? How does it help them? It’s hard to get those answers from our children at those young ages, but how about with just a couple more years on them. Let’s see if Mr. Zay can give us the experience of daycare from a child’s perspective.

A Child’s Perspective

Hello, Mr. Zay. Kidz World is coming to you today with some serious questions on daycare. We are hoping you can give us a peek into a young child’s mind and tell us about your experiences.

Host: You attended a licensed childcare facility for a little over five years. Do you have many memories of those experiences?

Mr. Zay: Yes

Host: What was your most favorite thing about daycare?

Mr. Zay: Naptime! Because I dreamed of fire breathing dragons gathered around my bed protecting me.

Host: How do you think attending daycare helped you to start school?

Mr. Zay: It helped me learn to get along with people, respect others, share, learn my alphabet and numbers up to 50 and 100.

Host: What is the most important thing you learned in daycare?

Mr. Zay: How to get along with others.

Host: Would you recommend daycare to parents?

Mr. Zay: Yes, because it’s good for them.

Host: When you are grown up with children of your own, would you be comfortable placing your children in daycare?

Mr. Zay: Yes, because I know they will be taken good care of.

Host: Thank you Mr. Zay for taking the time to talk with us today. We hope to speak with you again soon.

Mr. Zay: Thank you.

Mr. Zay certainly was a pleasure to converse with. After we completed the interview he sat pondering a moment and realized he really had so much more to say on the subject. He said, “I want adults to understand a child’s main thing is playing, a teacher’s main thing is teaching. It’s putting the two together that make learning fun.” Very wisely stated Mr. Zay!

Outside of loving your child, the most important thing you can do is listen to them, talk to them, and get to know them. Nowadays, people are so busy struggling to provide for the family that the quality time with children is diminishing. Make the most out of the time you have with your child and both you and child will be happier and have a healthier relationship because of it.

Author: Belinda Davis