Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

indoor activities for kids

Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Do you have those snow day blues? Are your children bouncing off the walls? Are you sick and tired of answering the question, “Can we go outside now” or hearing “I’m bored”? Well, it’s time to get creative!! Let’s put them busy hands to good use! Now, is a great time to find that teachable moment with fun through indoor winter activities for kids!


If you are wanting something to quiet them down… pull out a book! Now, is a great time to read to the kids. Make it a family event! Take turns reading. Have the children draw the characters from the book. Use a puppet to tell the story. Have the children re-enact the events in the book. There are so many things you could do! You are only bound by your imagination… think big and fun!


There are so many ways you can go with music. You can meditate to the peaceful sounds of nature or you could have a dance off right there in your living room! See what’s right for your family and do it!


Sitting around doing nothing can be so exhausting on your body. Children need to burn off that excess energy. Let’s get moving! Write out an exercise routine for them. 30 minutes of exercise a day will have great results! If you want to take this time to tone things down… you could do yoga. Practice those breathing and stretching techniques. Children love learning new things, especially when the parents are doing it with them!

Homemade Games

My grandson absolutely loves pop bottle bowling! He gathers a bunch of empty plastic pop bottles, sets them up, and uses one of his many rubber balls to bowl them over. When he gets a strike, there is no difference between the excitement he feels in the living room than what he would feel in a bowling alley!

If you don’t want anything so physical in the line of games, have your children create their own board game. This is a great activity! They can design the theme, choose the pieces they will play with and make up the rules. They will love this!


Have you been thinking about giving your kids cooking lessons? Now, is a good time to start! Teach them how to measure. Let them get their hands in some dough. Bake some goodies and let them enjoy the end product. Children love to pretend cooking, let them get in some real cooking time in the kitchen with you under your supervision.


Oh… I know… that’s a bad word! But, have you looked around your house since school has been out for snow? If its like most… it looks like a hurricane blew through! Give the children chores and make it a contest…. Who can do this quicker or better? Teach them teamwork skills. Do you have a chore you have been putting off because you just don’t have the time or desire to do it? Maybe now is a good time to do it and the kids can help!

Arts & Crafts

This can be anything from coloring a simple picture to building a castle out of homemade playdough. Put out the art supplies and see what those little minds can create! Give them random items and see what they can make. You will be amazed by your child’s imagination!


There are numerous websites you can go to find something for your child to do. Here are a few to get you started.

Inner Child Fun

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Virtual Exploration

Pick a destination or subject you want to learn more about. Go exploring on the internet with your child. See what all you can find. Look at pictures, read articles, view maps… there is so much you can learn!

Well, I hope you find some tips here on how to keep your child entertained during the snow days. There is always plenty to do, especially when you think outside the box. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy those children!!

Author: Belinda Davis ©2018