Teaching Math to Infants and Toddlers “One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door,”, “Jack and Jill went up the hill,”, “You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out,” these are tools that we have used forever to teach math language to children. Many caregivers never realize the connection between the lyrics to the math concept. Of course, we hear the rhythm and the sing song fun of it all. But, above all that, we are teaching counting, spatial awareness, patterning, shapes, and so much more. Teaching math to infants and toddlers can be
Science with Infants Science is an intimidating subject for many people. Throw that subject in with the word “infants” and people run screaming. Many believe that science is something that can only be taught by highly trained and certified teachers. Those same people believe that science is something that cannot be taught to an infant. Science, however, can be taught to infants and it doesn’t require a degree in the field. Science with infants can be exciting and a lot of fun… not only for the infant but also the teacher. I had the pleasure of observing Ms. Elizabeth Anne
Separation Anxiety Often a parent will misinterpret the anxiety the child is displaying for unhappiness over being at childcare or who they are being left with. Drop-off’s with the childcare giver can be very tormenting for child, parent, and caregiver. In this article, we will attempt to explain why a child reacts with separation anxiety and identify techniques that can be used to alleviate the problem for the benefit of all. The Theories In Piaget’s Sensorimotor Development stage, between ages 7-9 months, the infant’s memory begins to develop, and they begin to understand objects exist even though they can no
Benefits of Children Cooking Do you allow your two-year-old to assist with cooking? If you say “no” … well, you are not alone. I went on a little fact-finding mission recently. Many parents these days said they really don’t cook a whole lot. There is a lot of frozen food going in the microwave and oven. Of the parents that did cook, their response to my question was, “NO!”, “Not happening, I don’t have time to clean up that mess!”, “Nah, she’s just not big enough yet.”, “He’s not really interested.”, “I prefer to be alone in the kitchen, fewer
Image via Unsplash 3 Enriching Hobbies to Expand Your Child’s Horizons By: Guest Blogger, Maria Cannon If you’re like many parents, you worry about overburdening your children. Kids need a chance to be kids, after all, and too many extracurriculars leave both you and your children overworked and overstressed. However, shunning extracurriculars isn’t the answer either. Rather, it’s all about finding the right balance between structured activities and fun. That’s where enriching hobbies come in. Hobbies aren’t just about boosting your child’s college applications. When a child is invested in a hobby, she has an area where she can set
Do I Talk to my Child About Tragedy? Haim Ginott said, “Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.” So, if you are pondering, do I talk to my child about tragedy, the answer is an astounding YES. Yes, talk to them. A tragedy is not something that should be hidden from children. They are going to learn about it through the media or overhear someone, including their own family members, talking about it. They need to hear this news from the people that love them, the ones that care for them and keep them safe,
We built it and you came Dreams… hopes… a desire to make something bigger and better. Everyone should have a dream. To borrow a quote from A Field of Dreams… “If you build it, they will come”. Well, Kidz World built it and you came! You came by the tens, hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands! On February 28, 2017, Kidz World opened our website. Our dream was to introduce Kidz World to the community and provide resources for families through information contained within our blog articles. We wanted to highlight the importance of early childhood education and the strides
Why Sensory Play is so Important to Child Development Rose sat quietly running her fingers through the milk spilled on the highchair. Her eyes fixated on the patterns being formed as her fingers streaked through the liquid. The milk puddled around an open marker. Rose’s eyes lit up and a smile brightened her face. The purple tint from the marker bled into the white milk. Rose slowly lifted her hand and held it above the swirling colors. She wanted very much to touch this new color, but her fascination in watching the colors meld together was very soothing to her.