Kidz World T-shirt Hello, Kidz World family and friends!! It’s not too late to get your Kidz World T-shirt!! To add a little fun and excitement, effective Wednesday May 31st to June 5th, we have a competition going on between the rooms!! Whichever room sells the most Kidz World T-shirt’s will win a cupcake party!! Support your child’s room in this competition! 🙂 Remember… fundraiser’s keep tuition costs down! Thank you for your continued support!!
Help! My Child Got Bitten! Biting is a common occurrence in young children from the age of teething to approximately three-years of age. Does that make it any less painful to the bitten child? Any less upsetting to you, when your child gets bitten? It sure doesn’t. However, I can tell you one thing… the bitten child is far less upset about it than you are. Yes, the bite may swell and be painful, and in some instances, may even bleed, but within 5-minutes of the bite, the child is already playing with the perpetrator again, and once again they
A Rose for Mother by Cleo M. Shoffstall Another Mother’s Day is here, Bringing joy and pleasures new, On this special day, Mother dear, I want to remember you. I cannot give you costly gifts, And I’ve told you this before, No matter what I give to you, You give back much, much more. I’m giving you a pure, sweet rose, Gathered in the early morn, This rose you planted in my heart, The day that I was born. In kindly, loving thoughts of you, And with the faith you still impart, The rose I give to you today, Is
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Optical Illusions “An illusion is proof that you don’t always see what you think you do — because of the way your brain and your entire visual system perceive and interpret an image. Optical illusions occur due to properties of the visual areas of the brain as they receive and process information. In other words, your perception of an illusion has more to do with how your brain works — and less to do with the optics of your eye,” ABC News reports. I find optical illusions fascinating. Not only do they amaze me, but also in my study of them
Critical Thinking Ok, I have to ask… did you just read that quote, look at the picture, and think “WHAT!”? Or, did you possibly just accept it for what it said? Now, if you apply critical thinking here, the first thought that pops into your head is that there was no internet during Abraham Lincoln’s lifetime. Correct? Secondly, is that a picture of Abraham Lincoln? No, it’s out first president, George Washington. Learning about critical thinking could save you a little embarrassment down the line. What is critical thinking? According to The National Council for Excellence, critical thinking is the
Teaching Soft and Hard Skills I recently read an interesting article on soft skills verses hard skills. I have to say, I’m a little disturbed by the thought that both can’t be taught simultaneously. Are we so closed minded to learning new things and new ways that we are impacting the workforce? I would like to believe that we are constantly growing and learning as a society. So, why not broaden our horizons and start teaching both soft and hard skills starting with the alphabet? Soft skills, as defined by Investopedia are, “The character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize
When a prayer becomes a miracle, the praying doesn’t stop there. There is nothing more heartbreaking to a mother than watching her child suffer in pain. Suffering, however, without answers is just gut wrenching. A mother gives birth to a beautiful baby boy and within two short years her world is turned completely upside down. She begins a journey to find the answers she so desperately seeks for the miracle she holds lovingly in her arms. This is the true story that I bring you today to raise awareness about Arnold Chiari Malformations. I have included many links in this
An Opportunity for Learning “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou When my children were young, I used to sit and listen to them talk to each other. I wasn’t only interested in what they were saying, but the knowledge behind the words. What had they learned in school and life that brought them to say the words being said? I was always fascinated by the conversations. Today, I do the same with my grandchildren… I’m still fascinated. Recently, I had a conversation with my five-year-old granddaughter. We
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