Parenting – A Success Story


Parenting – A Success Story

Many people will tell you that parenting doesn’t come with a manual, however, Google “parenting” and you will find more information than you will ever be able to read in your lifetime. There is plenty of information. What most of those wonderful sources of information don’t tell you is that not every piece of instruction, advice, tip… will work for you. As a parent, your job is to determine what does work for you and your child. It’s all trial and error… even from one child to another in your home.

Finding the Right Tool

There are, however, tools to help you gauge if your child is developing in the appropriate range/age. The best one I have found is Ages and Stages. This is a wonderful tool which grows with your child and starts out at birth and continues to age 18.

Let’s say you are a new parent frantically going down the ages and stages list for an infant… suddenly your heart begins to race, and panic sets in with a ferociousness. Ahh, parenting anxiety!! We all have faced that at some point. Don’t panic! Your child may or may not have mastered each milestone as you advance down the list. This is a list of “normal’ range/age. Your child may be more developed in one area than another. It’s ok. What this information does is help you to know where your child needs more work/attention.

Observation and Assessment

Kidz World uses the Ages and Stages for the same reason. It’s a great early detection tool and allows the teacher to know where to focus extra attention. The greatest learning tool any of us will ever have is practice. The more we do something, the better we become. There is no difference with an infant’s development. Think of it like this… they are born a blank slate. Everything… every little thing they do is all learned. Take their little hands for instance. There is reflexive movement from birth, but that moment you see them pick something off the floor lets you know they now have control over those tiny little muscles. They have learned how to control those muscles and the more they use them the better control they will have. Amazing isn’t it!! The whole idea of child development is just a miracle when you stop and think about it. How that cute goo’ing sound turns into first words then into whole sentences, and so much more.

Practice and Exploration

As you sit here and read this just imagine… at one point you too were a blank slate. Look how much you have learned over the years. Now, look how much you have to teach your child. And again, the panic may begin to set in. How could you possibly teach your child everything? Will you teach them the right way? Will they listen? What if.. what if… what if! Don’t drive yourself insane. Children learn best through practice and exploration. Your child has their very own personality. It may or may not be like yours, but I assure you, they will learn, they will make mistakes just like we did, and also just like we did, they will learn from them.

Parenting Success

The key to parenting success is to be patient, allow your child to explore, and take every opportunity to create those precious teaching moments. The rest is just sitting back and watching your child hit those wonderful milestones and creating memories. Use the tools that work for you and your family, like Ages and Stages. Be confident! Be involved! Seek out resources, check out the Child Development Institute’s site (Home of Ages & Stages) as it is a rich source of information! You got this!

Author: Belinda Davis © 2017