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Why Do Daycares…

Have you ever wondered, why do daycares do the things they do? The answer is simple… to meet the standards of the rules and regulations as established by the state and federal government. Well that certainly makes sense… but, after a moment of thought you might remember how many wipes your infant goes through in a day. Then, your thoughts turn to, “come on… the government couldn’t possibly care about how many wipes a daycare uses”. Am I right? Hopefully, you will find the answers to your questions here.

Each state has their own set of rules, since Kidz World is located in Kentucky and abides by the Kentucky State Regs, the rules explained here are Kentucky rules.

Why do daycares …

So, let’s start with those wipes and get that answer right out of the way. State Reg 922 KAR 2:120. Section 10 discusses the rules on diaper changing, including the use of wipes for sanitation purposes. A general rule of thumb at daycare is five wipes used per change. Infants are changed, on average, every two hours. If a child is in care for eight hours, that’s a total of 20 wipes used per day. If you sent a pack of 24 wipes with your child, at that rate, it will last one full day, and the teacher will be asking you for more. So, why use five wipes? For cleaning the diaper area and washing the child’s face and hands. You may not use five wipes when you change at home. We understand that. However, we must follow the rules for diaper changing and that is a 14-step process that is posted on the wall by all changing tables in the center. Next time you are in the center, feel free to take a quick read. Your best option on wipes is to purchase the economy box at your local retailer. This box comes with three big packages of wipes.

Why do daycares constantly send home all those “art pictures”? What may seem like scribbles on a paper, is actually a way to track your child’s progress. Before children can form a letter, they have to learn to control their hand muscles (fine motor skills), hold a writing tool, draw straight and curved lines, and learn how to write a letter. Scribbling is the first step in that process and practice is the best tool we have for teaching how to write.

Why do daycares require everyone, entering a room, wash their hands? Why do children have to wash their hands so much? Germs, bacteria, cross-contamination, prevention… these are a few of the reasons. The best way to keep the spread of illnesses down is by trying to eliminate the germ. The state regs require handwashing multiple times for numerous reasons. 922 KAR 2:120. Section 3. General Requirements. (4) A child shall: (a) Be helped with personal care and cleanliness based upon their developmental skills; and (b) Wash his or her hands with liquid soap and warm running water: 1. a. Upon arrival at the center; or b. Within thirty (30) minutes of arrival for school-age children; 2. Before and after eating or handling food; 3. After toileting or diaper change; 4. After handling animals; 5. After wiping or blowing nose; 6. After touching items soiled with body fluids or wastes; and 7. After outdoor or indoor play time. As you can see… we are required to wash children’s hands many times a day! And… there are rules for hand washing!

How to Properly Wash Hands

  • Wet hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap.
  • Lather hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Be sure to lather the backs of hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.
  • Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice.
  • Rinse hands well under clean, running water for 10 seconds.
  • Dry hands using a paper towel.
  • Turn off water with that paper towel and discard.

Though there are probably several more questions people often wonder why do daycares… but we have time for just one more, today. If you have a question, I would be happy to try and answer. You may email me at office@kidzworldchildcare.com.

Last question… so, why do daycares have a deadline on drop-off time? Why can’t I just take my child when is convenient for me? Daycare is a business just like any other. We have rules and regulations, just like any other. We are open 11 hours a day 6:30a-5:30p, 5 days a week and though we would love to accommodate all parent schedules, we have to stick to a schedule for the benefit of the children. Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:00am. It isn’t served twice. Daycare facilities utilizing the USDA food program have strict guidelines that must be followed. Part of those guidelines require us to have the lunch count (the count of how many children will be eating lunch) to the cook so she knows how much to prepare. If a child is not there by 9:00, they may not be included in the lunch count and thus we are short a serving. The USDA also has guidelines for portion sizes so giving the rest of the class a smaller portion to accommodate the late arrival, is not permitted. Some daycares refuse any child that is not there by 9:00am for this reason.

I hope this article provides a little insight into the why do daycares dilemma. You never know until you ask. There is a rhyme for every reason and we here at Kidz World just want you to know.

Author: Belinda Davis ©2017