January Curriculum




Winter animals (Penguins & Seals)

Bible Focus

The Beatitudes

Bible Verse

Matthew 5:7

“Those who give mercy to others are happy.
Mercy will be given to them.”






White & Black



Activities Parents Can Do At Home

Letter Recognition

Draw the letter R. Sound it out. What things around the house start with that letter? Go outside, search for things in the yard that start with that letter.  Build a railroad out of popsicle sticks. Visit Teach Beside Me to find more fun activities. Have fun!!

Number Recognition

Pull out the Lego's, have your child stack them 5 high, Talk to your child about the number 5. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find 5 things? Take out a cookie sheet, sprinkle a little flour on it, have the child trace the number 5. Talk with your child about the 5 senses.

Color Recognition

Have your child walk around the room picking out things that are white. Do a silhouette of your child's profile. Discuss with your child light and the absence of light. Find more color activities at First School.

Shape Recognition

A fun nighttime activity! Go outside at night and discover the stars with your child. Point out the North Star, the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper. Go on a treasure hunt to see how many stars can be found. Make a star-shaped snowflake out of sticks from the yard. Find more shape activities you can make at home on PreschoolExpress.

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Kidz World - Pinnacle Curriculum

Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Cabell, Curriculum Specialist at Kidz World Childcare, Inc. has 38 years of experience in the field of education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and is an alumnus of Henderson City High School and Western Kentucky University. Her greatest accomplishments thus far are: being married to a loving, caring husband who is always there for her, having a wonderful son and daughter-in-law who gave her a precious granddaughter, getting her Master’s Degree, and the great pleasure she takes in educating the children of Henderson. Ms. Anne is a wonderful loving person with an intense passion for education and the development of a child’s mind. Among her many favorites in life are: the color red, seafood with a preference for crab legs, supporting the Dallas Cowboys, and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite hobby is playing the piano. Her favorite quote is Matthew 21:22, “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” While Ms. Anne is officially a retired teacher, she loves her job at Kidz World because it keeps her teaching and working with children each and every day and for that she is very grateful.

Please listen to Ms. Anne's interview on the Pinnacle curriculum.

At Kidz World Childcare, Inc. we have a strong desire to educate the children and prepare them for a successful entry into school. In order to accomplish our mission we utilize a faith-based curriculum titled Pinnacle. Pinnacle Curriculum is a tool for providing quality programming for early childhood development. Pinnacle Curriculum is designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential in all areas of child development. It provides teachers with daily resources that make creating meaningful learning experiences possible, eliminating the time consuming research that lesson planning often takes. Pinnacle Curriculum offers six age-specific teacher guides for each month. Infants, Toddlers, Twos, Threes, Fours and School-Agers all have their own developmentally- appropriate and age-specific curriculum guide for each month of the year.

What does Pinnacle Curriculum include?
• An easy-to-follow daily or weekly format
• Lesson plan guide
• Options for enriching activity centers every day and week
• Suggested book lists and “ready-to-send” parent letters
• Academic Options
• Daily, weekly, and monthly supply lists
• Art patterns for classroom enrichment

Pinnacle is a guide for the daily curriculum of the early childhood classroom. It is designed to assist teachers with program planning that encourages children to develop their emerging skills in all developmental areas. It offers activities for both group time and the learning areas, and teachers have an abundance of ideas to enrich the learning centers in their classroom. The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potential as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom. Because Pinnacle Curriculum offers teachers so many ideas in an easy-to-use format, the burden of program planning is lighter and more time is available for meeting the individual needs of each child. Each month of curriculum contains five weeks of programming, centered on a specific theme and tailored to the development skills for each age group. The teachers expand on them using their own creativity. From infant through pre-school, the themes grab your child's attention.

Our teachers love working with the students to create wonderful works of art that they can be proud of and which show off what they have learned. In order to track those milestones, we have quarterly parent/teacher conferences where we go over the child's progression.