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Choosing a child care center

Learning how to choose a licensed daycare for children can be a daunting task for parents. Using a set of guidelines can help parents evaluate various daycares and make the right choice. It also helps for parents to plan a day when the whole family can visit the facilities and observe classroom activities designed for children their child's age. With a checklist and prepared questions, parents should be able to choose the facility that not only makes them most comfortable but that their child responds to most positively.

  • Schedule a tour
    • Evaluate the facility, staff, other children, and educational material used.
  • Assessing the Facility
    Even if the daycare staff seems wonderful, parents will want to suss out the facility that houses the daycare as well. In particular, they'll want to see if the facility includes safe indoor and outdoor areas and equipment or orderly, clean work areas.
    What do the classrooms look like? The ideal center classroom is airy, well-lit and attractive with bright colors. Be sure to look at the bathrooms and diaper-changing areas as well. Do they appear to be sanitary?
  • Are children allowed to get dirty naturally through play? Do all children appear to be engaged in classroom activities, or have some of them been left out? Overall, do the children appear to be happy? Do they laugh and share with staff and each other?
  • What are the Educational Features of the Daycare
    How do the children occupy their time during the day? Do they engage in creative play? Can you spot educational materials in the classroom or only toys? Do the teachers adhere to an organized schedule or program that includes supervised rest time? Is there story time, music time or art time during the day or the week?
  • Classroom Management
    For the sake of their child's growth and development, parents should take an interest in how the center practices discipline. Find out whether rules at the school are clearly explained, and how the staff encourages good behavior. Parents should also find out if they'll be allowed to visit the center and interact with children during the day.

This is your precious gift from God and Kidz World understands that. We want you to choose the daycare that feels right for you and your child. Be sure that you are making the right choice.

Why Early Childhood Education is Important

As more and more daycares move toward becoming a preschool, parents are wondering why the need for early childhood education. Many years ago, mothers had the opportunity to stay at home and raise their children. They were not only providing the tender loving care, but they were providing educational skills, life skills, and socialization skills. Nowadays, it takes all adults in the home working just to provide for the family. It takes much more than a babysitter to fulfill those needs. It takes an early childhood educational facility. Every child deserves to have a chance to excel in their own future.

What is the purpose of early childhood education (ECE)?

  • Early education institutions help children face transitions between the safe-haven of home and the learning environment of elementary school.
  • Children develop most of their cognitive skills before the age of five (5) years old.
  • ECE helps by increasing a child’s interest in learning subjects such as math, language, reading and science. This is because children are introduced to these subjects in a fun and supportive environment, before they are enrolled in a formal school and must learn these subjects in a stricter, educational environment.
  • ECE helps a child to form a good understanding between ideas, mental images, and develop the language to help them express ideas better.
  • ECE helps children learn useful life skills that seem simple, but are actually very beneficial, such as eating with utensils and standard table manners, taking care of their own belongings, tidying up the class and their tables, and such. These lessons help them to become more independent.
  • ECE helps children learn to interact in social settings with their friends, family, and teachers. Preschool and daycare are places to help children adapt with situations when children need to cooperate and work together with other people, solve problems and arguments, communicate, learn about figures of authority, learn how to perceive permissions and prohibitions and many other social skills.
  • Children who received ECE in a quality preschool program ultimately earned up to $2,000 more per month than those who were not. They were also more likely to graduate from high school, to own homes, and have longer marriages.

Preschool is no longer just teaching the ABC’s and 123’s. It’s a complex, multipurpose facility, utilizing new concepts of education for the preparation of the child for entry into formal school. Studies have proven that a child entering kindergarten educationally behind, will still be behind in the fourth grade. Catching up is extremely hard and places an undue hardship on the child and thus in turn, the parent.

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